What is the Journey to Juneteenth?

Hujambo Wasafiri (Hello Travelers in Swahili)! You have reached the Eleventh leg of Journey to Juneteenth! Before we begin, have you already collected your first journal entry and completed the first leg? Great! If not, in order to win, you’ll need to complete ALL legs of the scavenger hunt! The first hint is for free: Head over to Open Space Event Studios and look for the QR code for your first clue! Please review the RULES before progressing!

Leg #11 of the Journey to Juneteenth Interactive Scavenger Hunt!

 Wasafiri!  You have reached the ELEVENTH leg of the scavenger hunt and here are your instructions:

  1. You’ve found the second stop in a multi-location leg of the Journey to Juneteenth Scavenger Hunt! Your next challenge is to head to the bridge over the Deschutes and take a picture with the Red, Green and Black flags along the bridge and post it to your feed. Be sure to Follow and Tag @TheFathersGroup and @oldmilldistrict on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #JourneyToJuneteenth and #DiscoveringOurRoots.
  2. Search for the third and final kiosk which contains your next clue!
  3. And now, your second of THREE journal entries for this leg. Remember to download/save each journal entry to present at the end of the race. (Be sure to check ALL THREE locations at Old Mill):

Click To Download This Journal Entry

Good luck, be safe, and HAVE FUN!

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