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African Ancestry

This Juneteenth Celebration’s theme is “Discovering Our Roots”. Part of that revolves around helping Black American’s unlock the truth of our origins. While services such as Ancestry.com or 23andMe may provide regional information, it doesn’t provide clear pictures into the past. We have acquired testing kits through a service called African Ancestry (www.africanancestry.com) that will provide Black American’s with this information.

AfricanAncestry.com is a leading provider of African Ancestry DNA testing services. They specialize in helping individuals of African descent uncover their specific African roots and ancestral connections. Through their DNA testing kits and extensive database, African Ancestry provides a unique opportunity for people to trace their lineage back to specific ethnic groups and regions in Africa.

By analyzing an individual’s DNA, African Ancestry can identify and match genetic markers with populations from across the African continent. This enables participants to gain insights into their ancestral heritage and discover the specific countries, ethnic groups, and tribes that their ancestors belonged to.

African Ancestry takes pride in their commitment to accuracy and depth of analysis, using the most advanced scientific techniques and data to provide reliable results. Their testing process involves comparing the individual’s DNA sample to a comprehensive database of African lineages, allowing for precise matches and detailed ancestral information.

How To Support:
We have set up this unique donation opportunity to sponsor the cost of a DNA testing kit for Black Central Oregonians seeking to learn more about their heritage. It is crucial to support and donate to cover the cost of African Ancestry DNA tests for Black Americans, as it can provide them with a powerful tool to connect with their ancestral roots and reclaim a sense of identity that has been deeply impacted by the historical injustice of slavery. Unlike many other ethnic groups, Black Americans often face significant barriers in tracing their family history beyond a certain point due to the devastating effects of slavery, which disrupted familial ties and severed connections to their African heritage.

By supporting the accessibility of African Ancestry DNA tests, we can help bridge this gap and empower Black individuals to explore and embrace their ancestral heritage. These tests provide a direct link to the specific African regions from which their ancestors originated, offering a profound sense of belonging and cultural connection. Understanding one’s African roots not only deepens personal identity but also fosters a greater appreciation for the diverse contributions and rich cultural tapestry of the African diaspora.

Through donations, we can ensure that Black Americans have the opportunity to access these transformative DNA tests, enabling them to reclaim their history, strengthen their cultural identity, and foster a sense of pride in their heritage. By actively supporting this cause, we contribute to the healing and empowerment of individuals and communities, while also promoting a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of our shared human history.

“Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise. I rise. I rise.”

– Maya Angelou

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