Putting on an event of this size takes many hands and collective work (also known as Ujima in Swahili). What better way to celebrate the spirit of Ujima by volunteering! Click “Apply” below to fill out the form and request more information!


Juneteenth 2022 will be held at Drake Park in the heart of Downtown Bend, Oregon. Summertime will be here, the weather will be perfect and the attendance of this event is expected to be bountiful. Apply to share your business with event participants!


Giving back to the community comes in many forms, and donating to the success of this event is one of them. There are multiple options for donating to help cover some of the expenses for this event and by clicking below, you’ll be brought to the donation page.

The Swahili word “Mawasiliano” {Mah-Wah-Sill-ee-Ah-no} means Communication

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